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About DODO Model Book

If you're wondering how to get your child in one of those TV ads, magazine covers or on those attractive hoardings, you've reached the right place - Dodo is the first all-exclusive kid's modelling magazine which will be circulated to all major advertising agencies, ad-film makers & production houses in the city.
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    Dodo Magazine would be circulated around 100+ agencies, production-houses, film-makers & coordinators in your city and more..

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    Stand a chance to win a an opportunity to be cast in ad-films, music videos & catalogue shoots

Why should you register?

  • The magazine will be circulated to 100+ agencies, production-houses, film-makers & coordinators in your city
  • Upto 10 kids will feature in a short-film/music video produced by Clematis
  • 3 kids will be part of a catalogue-shoot for a kiddie-couture brand for High Street (Dubai-based ecommerce)
  • Assured gift for all little-ones
  • Model book circulated to 100+ agencies

  • Get featured in a short-film/music video

  • Grooming & Photoshoot

  • Assured gifts

Frequently asked questions

Find answers and general information about Dodo Model Book
Why should I register my son/daugther?

Dodo model book is circulated to top advertising agencies, media houses and film makers who are on constant look-out for models/actors all all ages.

Who can register?

Anyone who believes his/her kid has the passion and interest in fearuring in advertisements, tv shows and films

Does registration guarantee an opportunity?

We would definitely try our best in maximizing the reach which is the first and most important step, however we do not gurantee an opportunity

What can I expect apart from circulation of the magazine?

1. Upto 10 kids could feature in a music video/shortfilm
2. Your child could win a free grooming session & photoshoot at Kiddy Kuts
3. Assured gift for all little-ones

What is the investment?

The registration fee is INR 2999/- and is valid for one edition (1 year). To receive your own copy of the catalogue, the cost would be additional (INR 1000 per copy)

When is the Last date for registration ?

Last date of registration: 5th July 2017 or 300 registrations in the specific category

What is the limit on the number of registrations?

We have 3 age categories and would accept a maximum of 300 per category in each edition/city. This is purely on first-come-first basis

What is the Selection process for music video & photo-shoot ?

The cast of the videos will be the discretion of the director/brand for which the shoot is done and this website/magazine is not involved in the process.
Dodo Model Book only creates visibility and provides a platform where ad agecies & media houses can contact the parents when there is a need
Opportunity in the above shoot is an value-ad and not a mandatory gratification for the registration fee paid. The fee is only for entry into the book which is circulated across the above mentioned places.

What is the Image size & resolution?

Image resolution should be 2480 pixels x 3508 pixels

When will the model book published?

The book will be published in November and circulation process will go on till 1st week of Jan 2018

Timeline for Video & photo shoot

After the closure of registration, below are the list of activities in the months of Aug to Oct:
Information to parents of kids to be cast in the video will be directly communicated from the ad agency/director's office
The above process is applicable for the photo-shoot as well

Do you have more questions to ask ?

Call us 9840175047 or Write to us at We will answer all your queries at the earliest.

Your child is a Star. Let the world know.